European Commission releases VAT rates search tool

The European Commission recently published on its website a searchable database of all the applicable VAT rates on goods and services across Member States.

Apart from Value Added Tax (VAT) rates, the Taxes in Europe database, covers all main taxes in revenue terms, such as personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, EU harmonised excise duties, the main social security contributions and other important taxes yielding at least 0.1% of GDP.

The system contains information on around 650 taxes, as provided to the European Commission by the Ministries of Finance of the EU Member States. The database contains, for each individual tax, information on its legal basis, assessment base, main exemptions, applicable rate(s), economic and statistical classification, as well as the revenue generated by it. Access is free.

It is noted that the database is not meant to constitute a reference for legal purposes. The database does not cover information on customs duties and tariffs.

The VAT rates can be accessed here:‚Äč