We have in-depth knowledge of both direct & indirect taxation. Combined with many years’ practical experience dealing with the tax authorities, we can help structure your business in the most tax-efficient manner possible.



  • Company registration with local tax authorities
  • Preparation and submission of provisional tax declarations with the local tax authorities
  • Submission of the company’s annual income tax return (IR4 Form) (based on audited results) with the local tax authorities
  • Preparation of documents related to corporate and defence tax liabilities (and payment thereof)
  • Company registration with the local VAT authorities
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly VAT returns
  • Administering the registration, preparation and submission of VIES and INTRASTAT declarations on a quarterly and monthly basis respectively
  • Administering the reclamation of VAT from other European countries
  • Administering VAT registration with the authorities of another EU member state (providing the company’s operations require or permit it to do so)


  • European VAT recovery rules diverge considerably with each state taking different approaches to the implementation of the VAT refund directive.
  • Through our network associations we can handle all contact with tax authorities in their local language. Transparency is provided through an online client report service in a very simple process where no refund means no fee. Simply send your invoices subject to VAT to the relevant tax authorities of any foreign country and we shall revert on your eligibility for a refund.


  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, six-monthly and yearly management accounts
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) provisions
  • Preparation of a corporation tax calculation based on accounting results