More and more companies are facing stalemate and deadlock as the markets in which they operate become distressed.

We have created a team of experts which, through a cutting-edge proprietary methodology, can help corporations obtain agility, overcome hurdles and challenges, and reposition themselves when market conditions are at their very worst.

This 360o advisory service provides an in-depth analysis of all aspects of the operations of your company and endeavours to transform losses into quick wins.

Phase 1: As Is Analysis of Sales, Production, Business Development, Accounting and R&D
Phase 2: Industry Benchmarking Analysis
Phase 3: Market Survey to redefine demand factors
Phase 4: Gap Analysis
Phase 5: Quick Wins Toolkit


Our transaction advisory services aim to provide an objective and transparent opinion on the value of your company. We can also assess the feasibility of a business case or a strategic opportunity.

Our services comprise:

Tax & Accounting Review

Our expert executives will deliver an in-depth tax and accounting audit to identify compliance risks and associated costs the company may incur. We will also deliver a detailed set of financial statements which provide our assessment on the financial status of your company (based on the findings of the review).

Credit Risk Assessment & Clientele Sanity Check

We will deliver in-depth analysis of the existing and forthcoming trade receivables of a company or a business case. Cash flows are a significant component of both a company’s value and the feasibility of a project. With the support of our specialised statistical software, we can accurately calculate the probabilities of any delays or unpaid payments of trade receivables in any 12 – 60-month period.

With this service, we can define the current and future profitability and liquidity levels of a company or a business case.


We use, independently or jointly, the following three valuation methods to objectively assess the value of a company:

Net Worth Method

We objectively assess the value of assets and liabilities of a company to provide the equity value – without relying solely on its financial statements. Through an in-depth, holistic analysis of all tax, accounting and risk elements, we reassess all accounts that contribute to the company’s total net worth.

Comparable Multiples Method.

We have access to extended data sets of financial information and industry analyses for companies and sectors across the world. This allows us to make an accurate comparison of performance indicators for similar entities operating in other territories. Subsequently, we can determine the equity value of your company within a range of values for comparison companies in the same peer group.

We utilise revenue and profitability performance ratios, margins, and cash-flow statuses. Furthermore, we incorporate transactional data drawn from previous mergers and acquisitions (similar to the examined transaction) to adjust for the latest market conditions and trends.

Discounted Cash Flow Method

We assess the equity value of a company, or the viability of a business project, by examining the estimated cash flow projections generated from a three-to-seven-year financial plan, discounted for the weighted average cost of capital that applies to the specific country, industry and company.

In order to avoid the so-called “garbage-in, garbage-out” analysis, we use robust statistical solutions which objectively measure the health of the projected free cash flow based on the revenue performance and credit risk level of trade receivables.
Furthermore, we use a robust scenario sensitivity method that tests the various outcomes of the given business plan to assess the projected equity value and free cash flow.

Business & Financial Modelling

Our team of business, finance, accounting, tax and legal experts can turn nascent entrepreneurial ideas into professional, sustainable business plans.

Our modelling services benefit from robust econometric and statistical tools which ensure transparency, accuracy and objectivity. The results are incorporated into an investment information memorandum which can be used for a variety of purposes: fund raising; debt restructuring proposals to banks or creditors; share capital increases for shareholders; and in almost any other key business process.


We have the necessary gravitas and expertise to act as an honest broker between parties seeking a mutually beneficial agreement in M&A, fund raising, share capital increases and debt restructuring projects. Our negotiating team supplements its vast experience with global best practice, cutting-edge corporate financial tools, and outstanding legal knowledge.


Our services & deliverables:

Phase 1: As Is Analysis

We will collect and review all relevant information regarding the company’s business plan; ownership structure; corporate business practices; financial projections and profitability trends; existing financial and strategic models; target customer base profile; overall market trajectory; and any other relevant business drivers.

Utilising this analysis, we will create, in collaboration with the company, a strategic framework that reflects its overall objectives, developing an appropriate targeted capital structure and a financing strategy for the raising of capital.

We will work closely with your company to quickly obtain a deep understanding of the transaction and your business.

Phase 2: Structuring

With the support of the Company we will deliver all necessary fund raising documentation.

These include:

  • An executive summary of the transaction (the “Teaser”).
  • A comprehensive presentation (the “Pitch”).
  • A detailed document with all the necessary pre-due diligence info (the “Info Memo”).

Phase 3: Sounding

During this phase, we will initiate the release of the fund raising according to the interest of the potential investors.

In order to do so, we will:

  • Identify and approach qualified Prospective Funding Sources.
  • And assist the Company in their contact with these sources.

This Phase ends with the submission of an offer (the “Letter of Interest”) by the Prospective Funding Source(s) which will be subject to further business and legal due diligence.

Phase 4: Negotiating

During this phase, we will provide the following services as part of negotiating process with the Prospective Funding Source(s).

We will:

  • Assist the company in preparing/furnishing any clarification as requested by the Prospective Funding Source(s).
  • Assist the company in assessing the impact of possible changes caused by the negotiation.
  • Assist the company in finalizing the contractual documentation.