EU Employment Newsletter: FAQs Vaccines

Andersen, through the member and collaborating firms of Andersen Global and its European Employment Practice, has prepared this edition of the Newsletter with relevant information for employers regarding the vaccination certificate. The Newsletter provides an overview of 22 countries covering the most common questions regarding vaccination:

  • Can employers require employees to test themselves for Covid-19? If yes, how often and are employees obliged to disclose the result of the test?
  • Can employers oblige employees to get a Covid-19 vaccination? If yes, under which conditions?
  • Are employers allowed to ask about the Covid-19 vaccination status of its employees?
  • Can employers stipulate that only Covid-19 vaccinated or recovered employees may enter the office?
  • Do certain groups of employees require a Covid-19 vaccination to perform the job?

We are confident that this overview will help employers in Europe to solve the most common questions in this regard. In case you are interested in receiving more detailed information, please contact us.