Covid – 19 Update: Extension of Support Schemes & Revised Measures in Cyprus

On the 8 April 2020, the President of the Republic of Cyprus during his speech addressed to the people of Cyprus declared some extensions to the already announced measures that the Republic is implementing in fighting the battle against the pandemic as well as some revised measures.

Specifically, the Cabinet of Ministers decided the following:

  • As far as the economic measures are concerned and the state support to employees and businesses is extended until the 12th of June 2020.
  • Extension until the 30th of April 2020 of all the measures that have been decided from time to time either by the Minister of Health or by other Ministers. It was emphasised that this extension is without exception to the forthcoming Greek Orthodox Easter.
  • Gradual return of Cypriot citizens currently abroad and who fall into the following categories:
    • Those residing in university dormitories and who are enrolled in the preparatory programs during the current academic year, the so-called Foundation Courses, or are in the first year of an undergraduate course.
    • Permanent residents of the Republic and who are currently located abroad for the purpose of temporary employment and whose employment has been suspended or terminated due to the pandemic.
    • Permanent residents of the Republic that currently located abroad are and whose return is deemed necessary for humanitarian reasons.
  • Entrance into the Republic will be permitted to persons, regardless of nationality, whose assistance, however, due to their professional or scientific status, is deemed necessary in the efforts to combat the pandemic.
  • For precautionary measures against the pandemic, it was further decided:
    1. Conduction of sampling tests per district based on the recommendations of the scientific team.
    2. (Carrying out an additional 20,000 sampling tests in within the following to individuals who, under the Minister of Health’s Orders, continue to work in either the private or wider public sector, including the National Guard.
    3. (Sampling tests for all those who, based on the gradual and controlled repatriation program, will return to Cyprus.