Andersen Legal in GC Summit Greece 2024

The GC Summit, organized by Legal 500 in collaboration with Andersen Legal, took place in Athens, Greece, on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. This pioneering event showcased Greece’s global influence in the legal realm.

During the event, our partner, Dr. Themistoklis Giannakopoulos, had the opportunity to lead a comprehensive panel discussion titled “Decoding the AI Regulation in the Digital Age and Beyond,” which shed light on the complexities of AI regulation, exploring topics such as data privacy, transparency, and ethical considerations.

We were honored to have the following legal practitioners join us on the panel:

  • Mrs. Konstantina Soultati, Senior Legal Counsel – Greece, Lightsource bp
  • Mrs. Catherine Karanikola, Group Chief Legal Officer, YNV Group
  • Mr. Symeon Kretsis, Operations Executive at NOMOS, Netcompany-Intrasoft

Additionally, the rest of the panel sessions delved deep into a diverse array of cutting-edge topics, focusing on the intersection between national and international issues.  Indicatively, they discussed the implications of Brexit, the pivotal role of the Greek energy sector, the intricate technicalities of M&A transactions, and the nuances of employment law.

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About the GC Summit

The GC Summit Greece 2024 was set to deliver practical, hands-on guidance tailored to the unique needs of in-house counsel. The Legal 500’s GC Summit Greece invites the most esteemed in-house counsel from the country’s most prolific companies to discuss their changing roles as in-house leaders and the challenges, issues, and opportunities they are facing. Between comprehensive panel discussions and the opportunity to meet and engage with fellow in-house counsel, GC Summit Greece brings together the country’s top legal minds.

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